CBD For Dogs

Cbdhempx offers the best cbd for your pets, especially for your dogs. The cbd products you can buy for your dogs at from our shop are extracted from the best hemps in the USA.  We only use organic ingredients in our products. If you want to use cbd for dogs or another pets, you should trust us !

What Is CBD For Dogs

Today, most people know that cbd could be beneficial for human beings. CBD does not contain THC and because of that, it is non-intoxicating.  Likewise, cbd products could also be beneficial for animals. CBD for dogs started to become popular in the US. However, before giving cbd products to your dog or your cat, you should know that a cbd product is not a medical drug. You should not use cbd to treat medical conditions of your pets. If you keep that in mind, your dog can enjoy the benefits of cbd by consuming dog treats.  There are different sorts of dog treats and other cbd products for your pet at our website. You can buy and try one of them in a safe way. 

Endocannabinoid System of Dogs

As most people know, the human body has the endocannabinoid system, which balances the daily processes of the body like appetit, mood, pain etc. Dogs also have the same system in their body. When your dogs consume oils or other cbd products, cbd helps the endocannabinoid  system of the body. It could work better with the help of the cbd for dogs. Thus, you should try to give cbd products to your dog or other pets. After you try cbd for dogs by giving dog treats or cbd oils for dogs, you can easily see the positive effects on your dogs.

Are CBD Products Safe For My Dog

Yes, you can be sure about that, cbd products for your dog are 100% safe for your dog.  Metabolizing CBD is really easy on dogs. Moreover, CBD has very little side effects and they are not common. CBD is not psychoactive. Thus, it does not make your dog high. When dogs are intoxicated they could be aggressive or confused. CBD products do not cause those kind of situations.  The only side effects of CBD amongst dogs are dry mouth and drowsiness. Fortunately, they are not life threatening conditions. So, we can say that, hemp products or dog treats are not harmful for your dog. There is nothing to worry about giving your pets cbd.  Like cbd for humans, cbd for dogs only have the positive effects of cannabis.  If you want to get the best products, you can buy cbd for dogs at CBDHempx.com

The Amount of THC in CBD for Dogs

This is one of the most common questions about our cbd products for pets and it is an important question. People who want to give their pets dog treats, cbd oils or other cbd products are worried about the THC in the products  There could be some amount of THC in cbd products, however it is less than 0,3%. This amount of THC does not have any intoxicating effect on a dog’s body. Thus, we can say that, you do not need to worry about the THC content of cbd dogs products. CBD for dogs is really safe. You can also consult a veterinarian.

The Dosage of CBD for Dogs

As you know, cbd is extracted from the industrial hemp plant and it does not contain THC. Therefore, it does not have the harmful effects of marijuana.  It is almot impossible to overdose on cbd for human or for a dog. If your dog consumes too much cbd, in the worst scenario, it could be drowsy. However, giving CBD products in proper dosages is still the best option for your dog.  The best way to specify the dosage is to consult your veterinarian.


Potency is another important issue about  cbd oils, dog treats or other cbd products for dogs. You do not need to worry about the potency of our products. All of our cbd products are tested for their potency in independent labs. All of them have proper dosage for pets.

Regular Dose of CBD for Dogs

If you want to start giving cbd to your dog with a regular dose, you should give your dog 0.25 milligrams of CBD for each pound of bodyweight. CBD for dogs will work in a safe way with a regular dose.

Strong Dose for Dogs

If you want to see more powerful effects on your dog, you can give your dog 0.5 milligrams of cbd for each pound of bodyweight.

How to Apply Body Weight Formula

Giving your dogs an amount of cbd based on its body weight could be confusing for some pet owners. Therefore, we will explain it clearly for you. Let’s say your dog has 40 pounds of body weight. If your veterinarian suggests a regular dose for your dog, you should make this calculation.  0.25 for each pound of bodyweight, 0.25×40=10, then you should give your dog 10 milligrams of CBD for a regular dose. If your dog needs a strong dose, you should make this calculation; 0.5×40= 20, then you should give your dog 20 milligrams of CBD. Because CBD is not intoxicating and does not have strong side effects, you can safely increase the dose according to the needs of your dogs.  

When Does CBD for Dogs Start to Work ?

That depends on the cbd product that you use for dogs. CBD treats need more time to effect your dog when compared with oils because dog treats needed to be fully digested to be effective. If the dog’s stomach is full, dog treats will be effective in  30-60 minutes. If you follow the body weight guide carefully, cbd oil will start to work in your pets body in the right time.

Can I Give Human CBD Products To My Dog ?

It is one of the most common questions about cbd and dogs. We can say that, we suggest you avoid giving your dog or other pets cbd oils which are designed for human use.  As you know, there are differences between human body and dog body. A proper dose for human being is too much for even a large dog. Therefore, we offer products which are designed for pets on our website.

Why Choose CBDHempx

A lot of people who want to buy cbd products for their dog ask the question ”why I should choose you to buy cbd ?” We can answer this question easily. All of our cbd dog products are recommended by vets.  Although there are many online stores which offer cbd products for dogs, many of them lack quality. Thus, we started to sell cbd products for dogs online. All of our cbd products are tested in independent labs. All of them are organic and contain no harmful chemicals.

When Will My Products Will be Delivered ?

After you order a product from our web site, the product that you choose will be delivered to your address within 3-5 business days.  We also offer free shipping opportunities to all states of the USA. So, if you want the best products and the best delivery options, please visit our website yo buy cbd for dogs. 

Why Should I Give My Dogs CBD ?

Like CBD use in humans, CBD use in pets has no role in treatment of any illness. However, cbd could be beneficial for a dog or another pet if you do not use it as a medical drug. Most people know that, cbd can support the life quality of human beings. Likewise, it could be helpful for increasing the life qualities of dogs or other pets. CBD also have positive effects on young dogs with separation problems. As you can see, there are many benefits of cbd products for your pet.  CBD Oil could also have positive effects on your pets.  For example, it is harder for some dogs to get used to weather vests. Some pet owners make their dogs to wear vests to protect them in cold weather. However, it could led to anxiety problems in some dogs. Some pet owners say that, after they give cbd oil to their dogs, their anxiety problem is gone.  Some dogs also have anxiety problems due to different weather conditions like storms. Especially when they go to their beds to sleep, if a storm occurs, their anxiety also increase. CBD oil for dogs also reduce to anxiety due to weather. They can sleep in a relaxed way in their beds.  

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